Mozart is the highest, the culminating point

that beauty has attained in the sphere of music

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Hello dear friends,

I’m pleased to welcome you to our Mozart society website.

A musician has once said: «Mozart is not just a composer, he is the way we see the world, he fills the empty space in our souls».

From time to time the space that surrounds us is overflowed with aggression and ignorance, then we aspire Mozart’s music, like no other, bright, lofty and sacred, to sound as often as possible, filling the world around and illuminating our humanity.

Mozart Society (Russia) was founded in order to promote the oeuvre of the great composer.

Primary tasks and objectives of our Society, that were set up in the first days, include:

  • - Mozart’s music promotion and popularization (facilitation of public access to Mozart’s work and oeuvre);

  • - The study of specific Russian traditions in artistic and theatrical interpretation of Mozart’s music;

  • - Scientific and publishing activities directed to raising public knowledge and awareness about the personality and work of Wolfgang Amadeus

  • - Establishment and maintenance of close contacts with Russian and foreign musicians who bring new interpretations and new experience to Mozart’s music.

President of the “Mozart Society (Russia)”:
Honoured People’s Artist of Russia,
Professor of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory
Pisarenko Galina Alekseevna