June 23, 2014

«Piano Concerto» at Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory

On June 23, 2014, Kirill Kashunin gave a recital in Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory.

In the first part of the concert, Kirill Kashunin played Beethoven's 29th Sonata B-Dur, opus 106, known as the «Hammerklavier». Each performance of this Beethoven’s largest and most difficult sonata generates interest, and the interest is particularly high if the performer is a young pianist. Alluding to the monstrous complexity of his sonata, Beethoven himself believed that it might only be played in distant future, probably in decades. Of course, Beethoven meant not only technical complexity and the size of the "Big" sonata, but also its thematic and rhythmic diversity. Adequate performance of Sonata #29 demands from the artist the highest intellectual and emotional maturity.

The program of the 2nd part of the concert included Chopin etudes (12 Etudes Op. 25) . Specificity of Chopin's etudes is not in virtuoso difficulties, but just the opposite - in their absolute subordination creative tasks. Virtuoso technique here is not a goal but rather a means of disclosure of the artistic image.

Kirill Kashunin – pianist, winner of many international competitions, including the International Music Competition in London and Rachmaninov Competition in Moscow. He is assistant professor at the chair of special piano of the Moscow State Conservatory. In 2010, he was invited to join the jury of the International Spohr Piano Competition in Germany (Kassel). He gave master classes in Russia, Germany, Greece, and Denmark. He performs solo, and plays in various ensembles in the cities of Russia, Italy, England, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Germany. He takes part in music festivals in Russia and abroad.

Since 2014, Kirill Kashunin is in charge of the concert program of the Mozart Society.