September 27, 2014

Opening of Society’s 24th season Concert «Mozart – Tchaikovsky» at White Hall of Ermolova museum

What gives our Society the right to put the names of Mozart and Tchaikovsky next to each other is because it is a known fact that Mozart was Tchaikovsky's favorite composer. In the newspaper "Russian Vedomosti" (1873), Tchaikovsky wrote that Mozart "has no rivals in opera writing."... his operas, especially “Don Giovanni” are full of the highest beauty, full of dramatic truth ...; his melodies are particularly charming and graceful; … luxuriously rich harmony... ".

Declaring "Don Giovanni" the best of Mozart's operas, Tchaikovsky turned his attention to “Le nozze di Figaro": the Russian text was made by Tchaikovsky himself.

In Mozart’s time, composers did not hesitate to borrow favorite melodies from their colleagues. It was not considered as a plagiarism. And allusions to the subsidiary theme of Mozart's piano concerto C-Dur (KV 503) and to the String Quintet c-moll (KV 406), that can be heard in Tchaikovsky’s pastoral "Shepherdess’ Sincerity " ("Queen of Spades"), are explained by his love for Mozart.

Elena Sorokina - doctor of Arts, professor of Moscow State Conservatory – appeared on stage with the opening speech. She presented a rarity – the original edition of Alexander Ulybyshev’s study on Mozart – "Nouvelle biographie de Mozart, suivie d'un apercu sur l'histoire generale de la musique et de l'analyse des principaux ouvrages de Mozart" (1843). The original was in French, but later it was translated into Russian by Modest Tchaikovsky and published in 1890 -9 2. "The new biography of Mozart" was soon translated into many European languages and became the first comprehensive drew attraction to itself not only for the musical circles of Russia, but also in Europe.

Ulybyshev was the first to write a comprehensive biography of the composer and to appreciate the true value of his work. Ulybyshev deeply revealed a vast ideological wealth of Mozart's music, dealt a serious blow to the false and absurd allegations about mindlessly-gallant nature of Mozart’s work.

Alexander Ulybyshev not just loved Mozart - he adored him, and adoration, as we know, dazzles. Therefore, for example, he believed that his idol was "destined from above" the place occupied by him in the history of world’s art.

The concert included compositions of two geniuses of Music – Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Participants of the concert - winners and laureates of international competitions,

Anastasia Mukorina – Mozart, «Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling»,

Eugenia Krasilova – Mozart, "Alleluja", Tchaikovsky "Lullaby",

Kirill Kashunin - Sonata in A-Dur, KV 331,

Albina Latipova, Natalia Kuchina – Mozart, scenes from "Le nozze di Figaro",

Natalia Kuchina - Tchaikovsky "Was I not a blade of grass in meadow green",

Alexey Demchenko - Tchaikovsky, "Meditation",

Natalia Kuchina – Mozart, Cosi fan tutte, Fiordiligi's aria, Tchaikovsky, The Enchantress, Kuma's aria,

Elena Egorenkova – Mozart, Die Zauberflöte, aria of Queen of the Night, Tchaikovsky, "Wherefore",

Tatiana Trenogina – Mozart, Don Giovanni, Donna Elvira's aria, Tchakovsky, Iolanthe, Iolanthe’s aria,

Eugenia Lopuhina, Kirill Kashunin – accompanists.