December 20, 2014

«Christmas Concert» at White Hall of Ermolova museum

Our Christmas concert was dedicated to the traditional festival that brings special joy to the whole Christian world.

With the spread of Christianity, civilization in Europe (and later in the other continents) began to develop in a completely new way, based on what we call now “human values”. Culture played the invaluable role in this development. Among the booming arts of a new culture music occupied a special place. It was available for people with different views and beliefs. Believers and unbelievers – regardless of what particular subject (biblical or secular) lay at the heart of music – were never indifferent to music. Numerous “Stabat Mater” and “Passion” are as close and clear to us as the magic beauty of “Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky or his “Christmas-tide” from “The Seasons”.

Mozart's music, both spiritual and secular, appears to us like a fountain of sparkling wine. This impression of his music does not depend on whether it is played by piano, the king of musical instruments, or by symphony orchestra, or produced by the most magical of all the instruments – human voice.

The Christmas concert program:

Natalia Kuchina performed Silva's aria from Kalman’s Die Csárdásfürstin

Ekaterina Yasinskaya sang Giuditta's aria from Giuditta by Lehar and D.Wolf’s song "Iris"

Elena Egorenkova – "The Kiss" by Arditi and "Tarantella" Rossini

Albina Latipova - Schubert, “Der Hirt auf dem Felsen”

Anastasia Mukorina –" Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling“ Mozart, “and “Un ballo in maschera”, Verdi, Oscar's song

Kirill Kashunin – Tchaikovsky-Pletnev, March, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Andante Maestoso from the Nutcracker suite.