Nonprofit Organization

«Mozart Society of Moscow»

30 years together

On August 5, 2021,
our Society
turned thirty years old
«In my deep conviction,
Mozart is the highest culmination point
to which beauty has reached in the field of music».

Pyotr Tchaikovsky

President of the Society
«I know how important it is to support young musicians, the support that I received once helped me and determined my life path in the music world. Today I have the opportunity to develop Society and provide support to those for whom music is something more, and to carry a live performance for those who are as close and dear to it as I am».

At first
A few words about the Society
One musician said: "Mozart is not a composer, it is a way of looking at the world, it is filling space."
Sometimes the space that surrounds us is full of aggression and ignorance, and we strive for Mozart's music, like no other, bright, sublime spiritual, to sound as often as possible, filling the space with itself.
The Society Mozart was created to popularize the work of the great composer.

Galina Alekseevna Pisarenko
Honorary President of the Mozart Society,
People's Artist of Russia,
Professor of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
The main tasks that we set at the foundation of the Company are:
- Promotion of Mozart's music (drawing attention to Mozart's work);
- Study of the traditions of concert and theatrical embodiments of Mozart's music in Russia;
- Scientific and publishing activities in the field of Mozart studies;
- Establishing contacts with interpreters of Mozart's music in Russia and abroad, exchange of creative delegations.


Vice-President of the Society,

Honored Worker of Musical Art,

Member of the International Union of Musical Figures,

Teacher of the ensemble class at the Academic Music School at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State University, conductor of the Maestro Exemplary Brass Orchestra, an active organizer of concerts and festivals

«My whole life is connected with classical music. I work with children and young people, forming their musical culture. I consider it my duty to develop the creative potential of young performers. I am actively engaged in concert activities and popularize wind music».
Learn more about the Society
History of the Mozart Society
The Mozart Society was founded in 1991.
The Society was founded by outstanding figures of national and world musical and theatrical culture — People's Artists of the USSR S. T. Richter, N. L. Dorliak, O. V. Lepeshinskaya.
Honorary President of the Society is People's Artist of Russia, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory G. A. Pisarenko.
The members of the Society are not only well-known professional musicians and musicologists (such as A. G. Bakhchiev, E. G. Sorokina, E. I. Chigareva), but also representatives of many other professions, people of all ages, regardless of their experience and education.
For more than 30 years of its existence, the Society has received quite wide recognition not only in Russia. It has established close creative contacts with similar societies in Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Switzerland and other countries. Since 1994, OLMM has been a full member of the world organization "MOZARTEUM" (headquarters in Mozart's homeland in Salzburg, Austria).

In the 90s, on the initiative of the President of the Society, G. A. Pisarenko, a regional branch of the "Society of Mozart" was established in Penza. In 2006, a branch of the ANO "Society Mozart"was opened at the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory (Academy) named after Glinka. Teachers and students of the Conservatory, according to the traditions of the Society, actively study and promote Mozart's music.

The Company's activities are very diverse. These include public concerts, music festivals, scientific seminars, performances in the media, publishing activities and multifaceted support for young talented vocalists and musicians. Over the past years, more than a hundred such events have been held in Moscow and abroad.

Russian Society's most significant achievements are the first edition of Mozart's letters in Russian (2000); the publication of a catalog of Mozart's works (also for the first time in Russian), dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth (2006); the publication of a translation of the book by J. P. Blavatsky. Hines '"The Secrets of Vocal Technique are revealed by Great Opera Singers" (2010). This extremely complex and long-term work was highly appreciated by the Russian and foreign musical community, as well as by the Austrian Embassy in Moscow.

Thanks to the sponsorship organized by the Society, a number of young talented performers got the opportunity to participate in international competitions, where they achieved high recognition. For example: Lyubov Petrova, having won two vocal competitions, is currently singing under contract at the Metropolitan Opera in New York; singer Maria Krikorova won the second prize at the Bellini Competition in Italy; singer Anastasia Bakastova became the winner of the XII International P. I. Competition. She is currently a soloist of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Musical Theater; singer Tatyana Trenogina became a laureate of the All-Russian competition "Three Centuries of Classical Romance", having won the I-th prize in St. Petersburg in 2004 and became a laureate of the I-th International Competition named after K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko. Boris Gmyri in Kiev in 2004. Having won the XIII competition named after him.Tchaikovsky, Albina Shagimuratova now sings in leading theaters in Europe and America.
Over the past 30 years, the Moscow Society has developed particularly close relations with the similar society of the city of Manheim (Germany), which, in particular, is expressed in the constant exchange of creative delegations. Representatives of the Moscow Society annually attend the winter music Festival in Salzburg, dedicated to Mozart's birthday.
The society was founded in 1991 and was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the RSFSR and the Department of Justice of the Moscow City Council (certificate No. 359 of August 5, 1991), and in 2002 it was re-registered with the Moscow Registration Chamber (certificate No. 002.073.481 of January 3, 2002) and became an Autonomous Non-profit organization "Mozart Society" (OLMM).